A little about me and my abstract art

Hi, I am a Croatian born abstract artist with a passion for creating emotional vibrant works on canvas using acrylic paint. I exhibit my works at art exhibitions and fairs around the UK.

My first painting became about when I was 14 or 15 years old, can’t remember exactly. I found an old canvas and three acrylic colours, black, white and red hidding behind a door. I painted a heart as heart is all we have, so I guess it was that and not the fact that there was a broken teenage heart.

My paintings have evolved as I have, as we all do. My art is my time and my escape to my world. If I am not happy with the result of my hands or emotions, I will come back to it multiple times. The canvas can take it.

I paint with my hands and mostly on the floor as I don't water the paint, it's usually thick layers. Every piece is on its own, no repetition. Every piece speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as I did creating them.